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Olson & Son Hopyard Hops!

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Vacuum packed at 2oz each, we'll be selling whole leaf 2016 hops to home brewers crazy enough to experiment with quality hops that have been fussed over more than hops probably should be. I can only estimate alpha acid amounts at this point but flavor and aroma are more than promising.

Limited amounts available of each variety, order soon before they sell out or I just brew them all!

Varieties offered:
Newport (bittering)-- aa: 13.5%-15% similar to nugget, and brewers gold the wine, citrus, and balsamic notes make these used primarily in stouts and barley wine.

Willamette (bittering) -- aa: 4-6% spicy, and earthy, this hop is commonly found in porters and pale ales.

Chinook (dual use) -- aa: 12 - 14%, piney and spicey this popular hop can hold it's own even in single hop pales and IPAs